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SEO Perth - Search Engine Optimisation!
There's no magic bullet with Search Engine Optimisation. Don't expect to just appear in that No.1 spot. You have to study the results, do some SEO work, wait to see what happens when the index is refreshed, then review it and repeat that process.
It's like a kind of tango we dance with Google!


What exactly is Search Engine Optimisation?

You may have heard that it is like a secret, magic art that will "get your site No.1 on Google".

In fact, search engine optimisation (also called SEO) is really a methodical process that involves refining the code, links and content of your website to make it easier for the 'robots' that build the search engine indices to index your site properly.

Your business has unique requirements. We'll consult with you to determine your online business objectives. Then we'll assess your website's exposure for the important keywords that will connect you to your customers.

It's most likely that changes will need to be made to your website. We'll help you to refine your metadata, strengthen your content and polish-up your code so that each page of your site receives the maximum exposure for its most relevant keywords.

Westside Media can help you improve your website's internal link structure and build valuable link relationships with external sites.

Links within your website, and reciprocal links (those between your website and other sites) can determine how high your web pages are ranked. We'll explore those online communities related to your business, and provide help with organising the customer relationships that will steadily build links to your site and improve your page rank.